I still have ways to go and things to work on, but here’s a friendly reminder that “the fat girl you went to highschool with” has come a very long way. ✌️


Ready for sweater weather already 😩

6:40am and I’m not even halfway finished editing the 1000+ photos I have on my plate right now 😩

#shaynuhchanel #photography #houstonzoo

Such a charming orangutan #shaynuhchanel #photography #houstonzoo

Meet @erinogradylong - the most spiritual, free minded, inspirational, caring, and beautiful woman that I have ever met. So lucky to have you in my life, thank you for all your support and unconditional love 💜

Enjoying my last night of freedom before it’s back to work tomorrow! Thank you to everyone who came by tonight, love you guys 😻

I love taking pictures of people, but there’s just something special about photographing animals.